Presentations at GISRUK 2019

There were some brilliant presentations at this year’s GIS Research UK (GISRUK) conference from academics working at Leeds. Here are some of the titles and slides:

  • Annabel Whipp - Validating pedestrian counts from Wi-Fi sensors to aid in quantifying the ambient population. [Slides]

  • Sedar Olmez - Agent-based Modelling: Modelling the dynamics of police demand and resourcing over space and time. [Slides]

  • Keiran Suchak - Data Assimilation for Agent-Based Modelling. [Slides].

  • Sarah Gadd - Longitudinal and Network Methods for SpatioTemporal Data. [Slides].

  • Nick Malleson - Identifying the appropriate spatial resolution for the analysis of crime patterns. [Slides].

  • Kevin Minors - Simulating Crowds in Real-Time with Agent-Based Modelling and a Particle Filter. [Slides].