Jobs at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics

There are two new analyst jobs at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics; the newly-formed lab at the University of Leeds. For full details see:

The city of Leeds is recognised as a hub for big data in business, health care and academic research. The Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) will move the University even further to the forefront by combining projects in consumer data research, medical bioinformatics, digital humanities and environmental change to provide a truly multi-disciplinary approach to this exciting and challenging field. Significant investment is being made in client-server and high performance computer platforms with peta-scale memory, storage and an environment designed to meet stringent access and information governance requirements. We are seeking to build a team to support the success of these activities.

The University is seeking to build a highly motivated team of Analyst, Development and Support specialists to be part of this. As an analyst in this team you will support the delivery of leading edge research across a variety of areas. You will therefore have a strong understanding of tools for querying and analysing data, such as SQL and R.

You will manage and deliver sensitive data within a secure environment. You will have an understanding of SQL platforms such as MS SQL/T-SQL or Oracle/PL-SQL including design, development and management. You will ideally have a strong understanding and experience of working with sensitive data. You will design and implement cleaning and coding algorithms. You will use your skills in data analysis and interpretation to interrogate datasets to support research questions. You will maintain well documented analysis code and prepare analysis output ready for publication and for presentation. You will be expected to actively contribute in drafting publications.

You will support the generation and curation of datasets, including the extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes for incoming data. Working in a team you will be involved in the enhancement and the re-engineering of the existing system. You will be expected to liaise with a wide range of professionals of varying degrees of understanding of computerised systems and should have the ability to communicate clearly on complex and other specialist issues. You will be expected to investigate both business and research requirements and to translate those requirements into a new solution.

You will have a strong motivation to work directly in the area of research support and development and be at ease using a wide variety of standard and specialised tools. Applicants with strong demonstrable experience in data analytics in any area, but specifically consumer data or medical informatics, are encouraged to apply.