Seminar: Researcher and Practitioner Approaches to Linking Acquisitive Crime

Location: Birmingham, 17th June 2015 (free places available) Police practitioners wanted!

The seminar is the second in a series of three seminars focusing on linking acquisitive crime using offence behaviour. The two main aims of this seminar are:

  1. for practitioners to share the methods and approaches they use when linking acquisitive crime in practice to will help researchers to better understand the work they do (and, therefore, conduct more practically relevant and useful research in the future); and

  2. to provide practitioners with a series of presentations from internationally-recognised academic experts summarising their ongoing research and how this work might be used in practice to support the linking of acquisitive crime.

The organisers would welcome a practitioner to speak about the real world process of linking acquisitive crimes. Also, if someone has expertise in the area of linking acquisitive crime then they could attend the event without presenting.

Places are free but limitted, and the organisers can make a small contribution towards travel costs (£20). Due to funding restrictions, the event is invite only, however, so long as delegates can demonstrate relevant expertise, they would be happy to allocate a free place.

For further details: contact Amy Burrell