Modelling for Policy sessions at RGS-IBG AC 2013

Myself and colleagues (Dianna Smith, Adam Dennett and Alison Heppenstall) are organising two sessions at this year’s RGS-IBG conference called “Modelling for Policy”. Both sessions will take place on Friday 30th in the afternoon at 14:40-16:20 and 16:50-18:30. Information about the sessions and abstracts can be found here (session a) and here (session b).

Talks in Session A

Geo-spatial Restructuring of Industrial Trade Dan Olner (University of Leeds), Alison Heppenstall (University of Leeds), Gordon Mitchell (University of Leeds)

Modelling adaptive capacity to fuel shocks – an indicator for sustainable transport policy. Ian Philips (University of Leeds)

The Impact of Changing the Method for Estimating Sub-National Immigration to Local Authorities in England Phil Rees (University of Leeds), Nigel Swier (ONS), Catherine Rigney (Edge Analytics), Peter Boden (Edge Analytics)

A Land Use and Land Cover Model using the Cell-DEVS formalism Gabriel Wainer (Carleton University, Canada)

Talks in Session B

How confident can we be in the projections of the older population of the United Kingdom? Phil Rees (University of Leeds)

Failing to plan for culture: how cultural engagement depends on access to cultural facilities. Orian Brook (University of St Andrews)

Contextual differences and the spatial pattern of urban crime Faisal Umar (University College London), James Cheshire (University College London), Shane Johnson (University College London)

A spatially focused agent based approach to simulating the financial and social effects of primary school amalgamation in the West of Ireland Gillian Golden (University College Dublin)

Using Qualitative Data to Develop Rules for Agent Behaviour: lessons from the Changing Commutes project Rachel Aldred (University of Westminster)