Smart Cities event in Leeds - 9th, 10th November

Smart Cities ImageThe Smart Cities exhibition is being held at Leeds City Museum on November 9th and 10th as part of the 2012 Festival of Social Science. Its aim is to demonstrate how the latest innovations in research and technology are revolutionising the urban landscape and our experience of it. Through interactive exhibits, developed by the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy (University of Leeds) and the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (University College London), you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the latest technologies and see for yourself how cities are becoming ‘smarter’ and more habitable. Whether it’s simulating flight over the urban landscape, or understanding how Twitter and other forms of social media can help us tackle crime and traffic jams, we guarantee a fascinating experience.

The event is FREE and geared towards people of all ages and backgrounds. So be part of it. See how science is shaping our world and play a part in shaping science!

Click here to download the leaflet.