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  • I am a Professor of Spatial Science at the Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy at the School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK. I have a PhD in Geography and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science (BSc) and Multidiciplinary Informatics (MSc). For contact details, please see my School of Geography web page.
  • Most of my research focuses on the development of computer models that help us to understand social phenomena. I have a particular interest in simulations of crime patterns (the topic of my PhD thesis), and in models that can be used to describe the flows of people around cities. More recently, I have become in interested in how we can use 'big data', agent-based modelling, and smart cities initiatives to reduce the impacts of phenomena like pollution or crime. For more details, see my current projects.
  • I am currently leading two research projects: SURF and DUST (funded by the European Research Council).

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